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twitter is the classic microblog. unfortunately, twitter is now terrible. i still use it however. here i record my thoughts that are too boring/niche for twitter.

7th august 2023

i have added a page documenting bbc programmes that sound like shitposts

BBC Programmes that sound like shitposts
A collection of BBC programmes I have found that sound like shitposts.

3rd august 2023

was watching a random documentary on egypt.

“there’s never a boring moment shopping in egypt”
i think there are probably some.

31st july 2023

on university challenge they had a round on the initialisms of government departments. best i have done on it in a while.

31st july 2023

i have added a page documenting how nerdy i am for dvd menus. please don’t read it.

Art of the DVD menu - a collection
Elaborate, confusing, failing to conform to accessibility guidelines. This page documents some of the favorites I have come across, with some rants.

31st july 2023

i have added a basic homepage variant to this website so that it is compatible with the nintendo wii and kindle experimental web browsers. this is entirely necessary for important reasons.

i also had to disable strict https enforcement to get it to work on wii, but who cares about security, no one is sending me their credit card information through this website

if you do want to send me your credit card information, please email me

31st july 2023

just listened to a brilliant documentary about that weird anxiety that happens as dawn breaks
explores how we leave ourselves the most vulnerable at the times of 4am, at the time the sun rises,
both evolutionary, and at the mercy of our own thoughts,
with some very nice poetry

as a sufferer of anxiety and sleeplessness it really struck me

may have made me cry

BBC Radio 4 - The Dawn-Care
Helen Mort explores the Old English word ‘uhtceare’, which meant anxiety before dawn.