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A question of trust: AI is unsuited for the real world

5th November 2023

AI isn't going to destroy humanity, but they're unreliable, unaccountable, and untrustworthy.

Programming with printers: Don't.

25th August 2023

I worked on a project to build a printer driver for the 3DS. I now have a violent hatred of printers.

The barge, and accountability in British Politics

7th August 2023

A reflection on the UK Government's policy of housing asylum seekers aboard the Bibby Stockholm, and what it says about accountability in British Politics.

Art of the DVD menu - a collection

31st July 2023

Elaborate, confusing, failing to conform to accessibility guidelines. This page documents some of the favorites I have come across, with some rants.

British Conservatism and the misreading of the Welfare State

8th July 2023

How even if we take Conservatives to be well-intentioned, they still fundamentally misunderstand the welfare state.

AI as an Infinite Dopamine Machine

14th May 2023

Put an AI in charge of a virtual world, its aim to maximise dopamine levels. What could go wrong?

A ChatGPT plagiarism experiment

17th January 2023

Much has been written about the potential risk of academic plagiarism made possible using the ChatGPT tool. Can the AI itself detect its own handiwork?